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Who are you about to invite into your home to go through your most personal items? 
I am a woman who will not only listen intently to your words, but your slightest body language to grasp what you are after when you describe your ideal kitchen. Are you actually looking to have it to yourself because it is your domain and you take pride in your culinary creations or do you want to have family surrounding you as you make memories along with meals?
In the five years I have been organizing professionally I have seen pretty much everything, and rest assured, I will not be writing an expose’. I hold your privacy with care.
My life has been spent giving without looking for reward or recognition because at age 13, I held my sweet 11 year old sister in my arms as she left this world at the time she always knew was coming. Because of this, I am passionate about helping people let go of the past and living in the moment.
Yes, I understand how to design a home which flows and I excel at reusing what you already own in order to beautify your space. From experience, I know all about the challenges associated with living in a tiny cabin all the way to a massive lodge. Every single home I have worked in has been transformed for the better after I applied my touch. 
I have no interest in ‘throwing all your stuff away’.  I would be thrilled though, to help you define your priorities and then designing your home around them. 
Organized & Really Living! 
I can help you get there.
My services are available at no charge to Central Oregon families immediately affected by Cystic Fibrosis.