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Welcome to Organized and Really Living! I’m Julie Fagan an ICD certified Professional Organizer in Bend, Oregon and I am here to help you with your home organizing projects in Bend and the surrounding communities of Central Oregon. In business for over 7 years, you can trust me with your home and your belongings. I want to make a difference in your life by making it simpler, streamlined and clutter free.

I take pride in protecting your privacy. You will not see before and after photos of the projects I’ve worked on because my client’s privacy is of the utmost importance to me.

You’ll find me to be caring, compassionate and dedicated to your project. I love helping you to live your life in a more meaningful way by shedding the clutter and belongings that may be holding you back.

“I bet you have never seen a mess like this before, I am so embarrassed. This is why we can never have people over.”

This is what I typically hear when I walk into a new client’s home. Fear not, I am passionate about helping you reclaim your space!

I want to know, are you really living right now? Is clutter holding you back from doing so?

I am here to help you design your living space around your ideal lifestyle, freeing you to concentrate all your time and energy on living, not maintaining unnecessary belongings.

Organized & Really Living!

I can help you get there.